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The bulk of the research will begin in January.
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A Smartphone Hearing Aid--A Kickstarter Project

Using smartphones as hearing aids and sound amplifiers

Worldwide there are an estimated 275 million people with hearing problems, Only a small percentage of these people have any kind of hearing aid. The purpose of this project is show how smartphones can easily be used to help many of these individuals who cannot afford, or do not want, an expensive hearing aid. .

There are already applications (aps ) developed to use smartphones as hearing amplifiers. This study will review the aps available, along with equalizer aps, and then recommend one or more simple procedures for creating customized hearing amplifiers using a smartphone. Additionally the option of using bluetooth and other wireless earphone technology will be considered.

The moderately hearing-impaired person will simply turn on a smartphone with the appropriate ap and equalizer and hear the outside world, amplified and enhanced for his/her particular hearing.

Education will be emphasized once a workable set-up is defined and described, This website will be used to publicize the findings and the website publicized with the hard-of-hearing community, Simple hearing devices will become much more available. The cost will also be reduced, being very little indeed for those already owning a smartphone.

Project description:
Hearing aids cost thousands of dollars and are not covered by medicare nor many insurance plans. Thus they are not available to a large segment of the population. This project will research and test the use of wireless technology coupled with a smartphone and available aps to create the equivalent of individually customized hearing devices for the slight and moderately hearing impaired. The results will then be publicized.

Right now there are various aps that help the hearing impaired, also wireless earphones and equalizers are available for smartphone audio. However such devices and set-ups are not generally known. (For example, in Katherine Bouton's recent and otherwise very thorough book about the hard-of-hearing, Shouting Won't Help, no mention is made of smartphone aps for hearing improvement).

Aspects to be researched.

Review existing aps available.
Research types of wireless listening devices available.
Arrive at a workable inexpensive set-up,
Write clear specific instructions.
Publish the results at
Advertise this website to the hard-of-hearing community.

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